• Mountain Man wins with Rebecca Danz

Bremen: Another win with Mountain Man

I was booked for rides in Bremen today, then one non-runner plus an extra ride... thanks to the win with Mountain Man is has been a really good day.

Two weeks ago I did already win with Mountain Man at Hannover so he had to carry topweight of 64,5 kg. And it certainly did not look as easy as last time round. Being a lightweight jockey I had to carry a a vest filled with 5 kg of lead, plus 4 kg in my boots and the other 7,5 kg in the saddlecloth. Mountain Man did run a bombastic race, just as the trainer ordered. He needs a bit of pressure from behind so that's why we took the lead. And despite all the weight he kept on going and earned a well deserved second win. He reminds me a bit of Air Dream who also did work his but off for me carrying plenty of kilos.

I stepped in for a colleague on Per Nussono, who did not know just yet what it is all about. When the doors opened he stopped in the starting box being afraid and wondering what's happening to me. I don't think he is a bad horse, one has to be patience with him. He just needs practice and training.

And what shall I say about Pajette. Recently at Hannover the hands full and you start to think , this is working but all of a sudden there is nothing extra. Today she had a good start but that was it. I guess she needs a break and a fresh start.