• Molly le Clou wins with Rebecca Danz

Cologne: A Win with Molly :-)

I had three mounts in Cologne's card on the holiday that marked the anniversary of German unification and returned home with a victory on my little diva Molly le Clou, which left me feeling really relaxed and satisfied inside.

What can I say about this win? It was only an allowance race, and it was clear that, given a regular race, the only serious opposition would come from our own stable in the form of Capitano. We had already beaten Capitano twice, but under different weight conditions. Today, Capitano had a 7 kg advantage over us compared to our last meeting 2 weeks ago in Cologne. I don't mean to sound arrogant, but I was certain we could beat him even under these seemingly unfavourable conditions. I know Molly in and out, work him every day and already after our last race it was clear to me that he was ready to score again, no matter if handicap or allowance race.

The race was uncomplicated and evolved perfectly for us from the start. We were able to settle in a great position once again (when were we ever not able to do that?) and had a good race. My lead horse actually died too early—before the final turn—so Molly and I had to make our own race and our own pace. The rest was easy. I just called on him once, and Molly took off instantly to make his way to the post without any support on my part. How he managed to draw clear with such dominance … after the race, I had to wipe away some tears of joy because of this amazing horse.

Since I know, a good friend is reading here: Katja, the Molle is back! Tomorrow I'll throw him a little green from you too ;-).

Thanks to the stable team and to my trainer, who managed to bring him back so fast and in such great condition after a hard last season.

I was very happy about a post from trainer Claudia Barsig from Dresden on Facebook. Thanks Claudia, who work with horses and knows what kind of a diva this horse actually is ;-).

To this point, I have ridden Molly in 12 races; 11 times we were in the money ranks and we won 4 races. I have never experienced anything alike with any other horse, and I'm very proud to know myself a part of the team of Gestuet Auenquelle!