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A new job with Jens Hirschberger

After three years at the racing stable of Christian von der Recke, I decided to move on. I handed in my resignation to the end of March as I did get a good offer from trainer Jens Hirschberger and the racing stable of Stud Auenquelle.

Sometimes you need to change things in your life. I thought it was time to act and that's why I did it. I'm really looking forward to my new job.

A big thank you goes to Christian von der Recke - I did learn a lot in his yard. For example I did stand in as head lad for nine months and did take part in quite few seminars. I wish Mr. von der Recke all the best in the future.

Rebecca Danz, since her return from Qatar working for Christian von der Recke, will leave Weilerswist and will start from April with Jens Hirschberger.

„I got a good offer and did not have to think about it for long. I thank Christian von der Recke for the pleasant time at the racing stable. As a light-weight rider I would like to return more into the focus of the owners and I have my own goals. So I think this change will bring me a step forward“, Rebecca Danz said.

So far she has won 63 races. She can ride 50 kg. The 27-year old learned the trade at the stable of Peter Rau. Last year she was Turfchampion Southwest.